Book & DVD Combo Pack

  • Book & DVD Combo Pack

Book & DVD Combo Pack


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What Does A Real MAN Look Like?

In today’s world, relationships are under fire. As a result, the smoke is causing so much damage to our homes and ultimately our children. Think about how many separations and divorces are played out in the media. Think about how our family members and friends are no longer with the person of their dreams. What happened to the love? The fire has repositioned the man, and in turn, the fire has repositioned the woman and children. This book is the water to the fire and the realignment that many relationships are in need of having. In this book, I address any and all issues that we all face in our relationships, and every chapter is “THE” solution to the issues. Also, I explain the struggles that I had in my relationship and my victories as well. God has helped me to dissect the most difficult relationship of all time and make sense of it all. “What Does A Real MAN Look Like” helps both the man and the woman in understanding their role in their relationship and how to work as a team in order to accomplish all that God has for you and your mate. Are you ready to experience your relationship on another level? Are you ready to become the man or woman who God has designed you to be?

No Longer Waiting To Exhale

The No Longer Waiting to Exhale DVD, gives you behind the scene access to all of the happenings of the conference, testimonials from the attendees, and Enrique’s life changing message.

The DVD is only $20.00 which includes Shipping and Handling. This is more than a conference.

It’s a Spiritual Experience!